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When Turbo Tax and H&R Block are no longer getting you the best tax return on the market, your Ignite Spot CPA can help you craft a powerful tax strategy to grow your empire. No deduction will be left unturned.

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There are two ways to do a tax return. The first is to simply put the numbers in and process the report. The second is to take the time to make you more wealth. We practice the latter methodology.

When Turbo Tax and H&R Block Aren’t Enough

The thought of having to owe large sums of money to the IRS is enough to leave any stable-minded person shaking in his or her boots.  Getting your taxes done is important. There’s no argument there.  However, our philosophy is much larger.  We want you to have more than a tax return at the end of the year.  As an Ignite Spot client, you will have a tax strategy and here’s the kicker – you’ll understand it.


Here is What You’ll Get:

  • We will assign one of our tax professionals to support you or your business.
  • You’ll understand which entity structure (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.) is best if you own a company.
  • You’ll have a powerful tax strategy you understand.
  • We’ll prepare your returns and maximize your deductions.
  • Your taxes will be filed annually and reviewed by our in-house CPAs.
  • If coupled with the bookkeeping service, your deductions will be maximized.


Get the Best Business Tax Accountants on Your Side

Taxes are a topic that some people simply want to avoid at all costs. Even the thought of taxes sends shivers up the spine to some. As a business owner, you need to have a solid tax strategy plan in place to avoid a number of penalties and interest set forth by any number of governmental agencies including the IRS and your state government.

Hiring a business tax accountant can only help your business position. Our specially-trained professionals know the ins and outs of this sometimes perplexing world. Even better than the knowledge is the fact our professionals present information to you in an easy-to-understand way.

We do not use fancy accounting terms or words that are intended to confuse you, making you feel inferior. Instead, Ignite Spot works with you as a friend who sparks your interest in learning more about this complex area. Our tax preparation team welcomes your questions and answer them in a comfortable way. We want you to understand the financial terminology used and how to best protect your business from improper filings, potential fines and penalties.

Ignite Spot will spark your interest in learning which tax formation method is best suited for your business structure. Do you understand the difference between an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp or sole proprietorship? Our trained business tax accountants do and willingly share this information with you. If you understand the difference between the business structures, we can guide you towards the most efficient solution. As an example, you want to set up your business as a sole proprietor because you believe it is the easiest and most convenient way. Our business tax professional assigned to your account will sit down and discuss with you why an LLC or other structure may be more appropriate from a tax viewpoint. We will work with you to develop a strong tax strategy that propels you to the next level while protecting you from penalties and interest assessments.

Another benefit of working with Ignite Spot for your tax preparation needs lies in the fact that your account will be assigned to one of our tax professionals. Instead of not knowing who to deal with when you call, which is how some accounting practices work, you can be assured of working with a tax expert dedicated to you and your company. This professional knows your business operations inside and out. Your business tax accountant will feel more like a friend than a cold, impersonal professional.

You can be assured that before being sent out of our office, all returns must be reviewed by our in-house CPAs. Since our business tax accountants keep up-to-date with current tax laws, you can rest knowing that you will receive the highest level of deductions.

It is important to remember that hiring us as your bookkeeping service will help optimize your tax deductions. We will find the viable deductions to improve your profitability.

Remember that your success is our success. As your accounting firm, Ignite Spot wants you to succeed. Instead of spending long and tiring nights wondering about your tax situation, contact us to find out how we can help.


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