We Do the Data Entry for You

Your Bookkeeper at Ignite Spot can enter all of your bank and credit card transactions as well as the bills and other forms of financial data. We can even help you invoice your customers if you would like.

We’ll Find Ways to Help You Cut Expenses

As we enter your expenses, we will look for ways to help you cut unnecessary expenses and manage your overhead. Having someone on the lookout for your bottom line makes a big difference.

We’ll Report Back to You with CEO Updates

Depending on your package, we will enter and reconcile all your data daily, weekly, or monthly and then report your financial position to you. During these meetings we will cover cash balances, bills due, and more.

Small Business Bookkeeping Services that Work

 Ideal for businesses between $500K and $7M in annual revenues

Small Business Bookkeeping ServicesWhat’s the most frustrating part of your business? Is it keeping the books?  Maybe you’re tired of fixing QuickBooks for the 100th time. Perhaps your current accountant has too many excuses.  Our small business bookkeeping services will connect you with the finances.  We free you from your QuickBooks headaches, and give you the support your business deserves.

Ignite Spot Small Business Bookkeeping Services Will:

  • Help you get back to business
  • Save 80-90% of your admin time for more valuable tasks
  • Complete your data entry
  • Optimize your QuickBooks file
  • Reconcile your accounts
  • Invoice your customers
  • Pay your bills
  • Complete your sales tax returns
  • Complete the closing entries each month
  • Provide accurate monthly financial statements


We Make Small Business Bookkeeping Services Useful

It’s rewarding  to own your own business. Bookkeeping is a vital part of your company, and you can’t afford to let it slide. At Ignite Spot, and we’re ready to give you the best small business bookkeeping services available.

We’re professionals who wake every morning proud to call ourselves your accountant.  Each member of our team has at least 5 years of professional experience.  We’re 100% all American, professionally trained, bookkeeping professionals.

Our small business bookkeeping services depend on your business, budget, and exactly what you need help with.  Contact us to talk directly with an accountant for a personalized quote. When we talk, we will help you determine which services are right for your needs. Our goal is to get the best fit possible, not sell you on levels of support that you don’t need. In fact, when we talk, you’ll be speaking directly with one of our small business accountants who will explain how Ignite Spot can meet your specific business needs.


How We Price Our Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Every business is different. Your company has a unique way of servicing it’s customers, processing invoices and building reports. We’re not going to try and fit you into a cookie-cutter approach to small business bookkeeping services. Instead, we’ll get to know you. We’ll learn about your business and find the best possible way to help you out.

Because of our approach, we don’t have a set fee. It’s a little different for each client. When we talk, we can get you a proposal that makes sense financially. Give us a call today.

 Meet Some of our Staff
   Small Business Accountant              Small Business Bookkeeper


Ignite Spot, LLC is a BBB Accredited Accountant in Layton, UT


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